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Puppy Starter & Manners Training

Puppy Starter & Manners Training


Puppy Starter & Manners Training consists of weekly, private lessons that provide you with the knowledge, tools, and hands-on training in raising a happy, well-mannered puppy. It's recommended for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age. The lessons are informative, educational, and practical. Topics include housebreaking, crate training, loose-leash walking, leadership training, house manners, exercise, socialization, and more.

The first few months of a puppy's life are most crucial when they come to live with us humans. Rules and boundaries must be put in place from the moment the puppy enters the new home. During this time, it's essential to establish yourself as their leader. This teaches the dog what IS and what is NOT acceptable behaviour. Establishing leadership in your puppy's life will give you the control to address, solve and prevent problem behaviours from arising.

Puppies can be a lot of work, but if you invest the time and energy early in their life, you'll be rewarded with a calm, balanced, and well-behaved companion for years to come.

Topics covered include:
  • Leadership training
  • Providing rules, boundaries, and limitations
  • Reading your puppy's body language and learn what he's saying
  • Communicating with the puppy, the way they understand
  • Proper chew bones and toys
  • Crate training and its benefits
  • Housebreaking the right way
  • House manners
  • Answering the door politely
  • Offering food and water
  • Touching and handling (brushing and grooming)
  • Preventing biting, nipping, and jumping
  • Leash walking techniques
  • Proper dog to dog greetings and socialization
  • Providing exercise and releasing energy
  • Building trust and respect

In-Home: Puppy Starter & Manners Training


  • Initial Consultation/Lesson:
    • On-site: $120
    • In-home: $160

    4 Weekly Lessons Package:
    • All on-site: $440
    • 2 on-site, 2 in-home: $520
    • All in-home: $600

    6 Weekly Lessons Package:
    • All on-site: $630
    • 3 on-site, 3 in-home: $750
    • All in-home: $870

    8 Weekly Lessons Package:
    • All on-site: $800
    • 4 on-site, 4 in-home: $960
    • All in-home: $1120

    All prices include taxes. Lessons are 1-hour each.

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